17 noviembre 2011

new zines

We have some new zines in our shop!

Aceleración Nula
is a wordless comic made by our friend Mou and published by us. It's a funny and porny story with drawings that look like they are about to melt off the page. Get yours here!

aceleración nula pags. 3-4
aceleración nula pags. 1-2

Los Destellos is a compilation of collages done by Roi over the summer. You can see some of them in color at his tumblr. These zines come with hand cut circles in the cover and different colored paper. Available now!

los destellos pag.1
los destellos pags. 2-3
los destellos pags. 12-13

Mitocondria is a comic by Inés which tells the story of a girl and a dog in love, and a couple of wierd things that happen to them. This second edition comes with 8 pages of extra comics and with watercolored interior covers. Get a copy here

mitocondria pags. 1
mitocondria pags. 2-3
mitocondria pags. 3-4

There's more good stuff for this season at our shop, we'll be posting more about it soon but meanwhile you should take a look ; )

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