15 mayo 2011

lots of new zines

We've got lots of new publications now for sale at our website! come take a look:

Casas para perros (4$)

This is a small zine we made with some architectural drawings of houses for dogs

Mitocondria (10$)


This is Inés' (that's me) new comic. It's a psychedelic love story. It also has dogs.

Aguamelon (5$)


This is a full rainbow color, double mini zine made by Inés in collaboration with Milkbbi.

Gang Bang Bong 2 (10$)

Second volume for gang bang bong, the comic anthology I co-edit with Ginette Lapalme. This issue contains 110 pages, 33 artists, 1 ink and pure awesome.

Root Rot (15$)

We also have a limited supply of the latest release from koyama press, root rot, which contains over a dozen of amazing and upcoming artists, printed in a beautiful full color edition.

***((( Si estás interesado en alguno de estos libros (o cualquier otro de nuestros productos) y vives en México mándanos un correo a cafe.lechoso @gmail.com )))***

3 comentarios:

  1. ahhh, i would buy them all if i could! you make me soexcited to get to work on some zines of my own, truly! n __nn

  2. Y si me da hueva mandar correo?
    No es cierto pero en el DF o ladronde?

  3. pues que huevonnnnnnn jaa

    no tenemos local entonces la onda es que nos quedamos de ver en algun lugar, como CU o una estacion del metro.