22 enero 2011

niu sticker packs

starting the year off with hot new stickers !!!
first of, my dear roi has finally put out his own sticker packs!

new sticker packs by roi!

A bargain at just 10$ the pair!
And now you can also get a super mix pack of 3 ouf our sticker packs for just 14$ !!!!

I also made a new pack design just for the heck of it

We also have four new guest artists, which I will present to you without further ado:

The fluorescent illustrator Ana Benaroya, .. who seems to have brought her stickers all the way back from the 90's! Be sure to get some for your back to school notebooks!

new sticker pack by ana benaroya

Weja, a happy furry monster who loves the sun. And you can tell from the happy shine her stickers ooze!

new sticker pack by weja

Zach Hazard, a punk who likes that books be in their right order (aka a sissy) made this gross (in the best way) sticker set for us.

new sticker pack by zach hazard

And lastly, our friend Abraham Díaz, who is another fake punk that made this awesome chavo banda sticker set for you, putos.

new sticker pack by abraham díaz

We also have a new sticker set by an old guest collaborator, Andrew Bell. I especially love the one that reads "A Psychedelic Autobiography". Perfect for your diary! (..at least for mine). Get yours here!


we also now have in sticker pack form these old sticker sets! click the pics if they fancy your interest

matth_ ferrick sarahmcneil_pack

ok yes that's all.

I think we'll take a break from stickers and sticker packs and all that sticky stuff for a while and get on to other...........new things. ....you'll see soon
(or maybe not so soon).....

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