15 enero 2011

babi bastardines + niu bizniz cards

we got commissioned to do two bastardines for babies, these have no swallowable buttons nor paint ! cute and chewable !!!

babi bastardines

niu bizniz cards

also we got a bunch of new buiznez cards!!!! for mailing w all orders now. roi's webpage has a correction sticker on top cus aparently neither of us know his url and got it printed wrong duh

also i know we could've got them for much cheaper if we had got them made here in mexico city but i wanted to try vistaprint.com's services... and let me tell you... their print quality is really good but their customer service SUCKS!!! this arrived like 3 months late and i sent them like 4 emails asking about them and they NEVER replied. ...so if you ever use them, now you know...

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