10 diciembre 2010

poll winners and losers

According to the poll we ran the past two weeks, 0 out of 23 voters voted for new button pins. This was the least voted of all the options, and because we love you and listen to you, we made new pins!

Actually they were put in production a few days before we started running the poll and I thought it was awesome (in an ironical way) that the loser option was actually the winner one! ha ha.

Also, we have some new sticker pack labels of our own stickers!

new sticker paxxxx

They're as fancy as they can get!

Back to the topic of the poll, the actual winner of the options was "new zine", and we were really happy to see this because we love making zines! We already have some pending ideas of zines to make, but who knows what will we really make. We can asure you though, new zines are coming on their way, and one of them is Roi's first solo zine! yea!

To end this news post, I just wanted to clarify that any orders made after today most surely won't be arriving in time for Christmas, so if you wanted to make some Café con Leche gifts, please go ahead and do it, but don't justify them with Jesus' birthday, ok?


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