17 noviembre 2010

new stickers by louis roskosch!

New sticker designs by our english friend Louis Roskosch! The first set was inspired by his recent time living in China and the second one features your favorite characters from the Big Bang theory! (yea, no penny)
This set will only be available until November 27th so get it while you can!

BY THE WAY, I made a poll about "what would you like to see SOON in our shop" in case you're interested in us releasing something new n special for the upcoming holidays...SO GO CLICK YOUR VOTE it's on the top right corner of this blog!
Also I'm pretty sure we'll be making posters/prints/postcards soon anyway.... oh also guess what! we're gonna have some t-shirts soon too! excitement.

Aún no tenemos ningún evento para las épocas navideñas pero probablemente sabremos mas cercano a la fecha. ...así que no se despeguen, queridos 3 lectores defeños!

2 comentarios:

  1. Deben hacer adornos de navidad! Como bastardines que les gusta colgar de las ramas de arboles navidenos.

  2. mmmmmm podría ser.... somos medio flojos para hacer cosas de temática festiva