29 noviembre 2010

new sticker packs

Hi all!

Our small business has grown a lot this year and we really just want it to keep it going! So, to make guest artist stickers look more like someone actually curated them we now put them in this fancy packs

They look really sweet and are now perfect for a gift! Besides after you rip open the eco-friendly plastic bag you can keep the printed cardboard as a CARD and keep the info with the artist's website as well as ours.
Plus, now it's cheaper to get the whole set! Isn't it the best? Why did we take so long to do this..

These are the the artists with whom we made the new packs: Andrew Bell, Aidan Koch, Chris Kuzma, Gemma Correll, Ginette LaPalme, Hernan Paganini, Irana Douer, Lauren Albert, Louis Roskosch, Michael DeForge, Mel Stringer, Muura, Nick Gazin, Paula Duro and Santiago Grijalva.

"Oh but I already have all of those", you, being the big fan you are, might say.
Well then, I invite you to meet our new guest sticker artists!

Patrick Kyle is a finger smelling troll disguised as human that draws crazy creatures that remind him of his far away home planet. You can get his 5 beautiful stickers here!

Jack Teagle is an english bloke who really likes wrestlers and stuff like that. He also collect toys and does silly comics that will make you laugh. His 5 stickers are waiting here for you!

Frederik Jurk is a really sweet german guy who draws a lot of cute girls and kids with dinosaur tattoos. He made for us this awesome set of five stickers!

And to finish this, we have new stickers by an old Café con Leche friend, Jason Fischer! Take a peek into his twisted mind with this beautiful new set

That's all for now, but we're working on some new things you will see very soon! The only thing I can tell you for now is that these don't involve anyone except us, so if you like our stuff best, keep yr eyes peeled !!!


3 comentarios:

  1. Uh, I love those sticker blisters! Please think of me and maybe "nchu" when do such stuff next time :)


  2. The sticker packs look awesome!!! I'll be buying a few for xmas presents (...and myself).