11 junio 2010

more stickers!

Hey hi!
So much new guest artists making stickers for us lately!!!!!
This new pair likes to explore femininity each in their own particular style...

Firstly, these stickers by our friend Santiago (chacho)

who, by the way, is also selling these handmade brooches and I'm sure he's asking for a fucking bargain.

Next we have Irana Douer, whose work has a mysterious magical aura, which of course is also present in these designs she made for us!

And if you were wondering if we're still making stuff other than stickers by guest artists, I can tell you I updated my sticker page with some new designs, and we're working on a new zine (since sometime ago) along with a new line of...BASTARDIN CLOTHING ACCESORIES..!


also, roi made us a twitter, you should follow if you're into that stuff.

oh & WE'RE ALSO PLANNING on making some giveaway games through this blog and our site!! STAY TUNED!!!

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