01 febrero 2010


HEY!! Just for the first week of february (that's from today until sunday 7th) you get a free sticker for every dollar you spend on the shop! Yes, you could buy for example, something worth 25 usd and get 25 free assorted café con leche, roi & inechi stickers!!!!! get them before they grow feet and run away

Also, i was putting together more of the Chinga Whatever books and i hadnt noticed i printed some pages in a wrong order. at first i thought i could use them to give away but they ended up being too many to waste so i decided to use them anyway. The books i made with these had a white page in the middle that looked terrible, so i drew Nick on them! So now there are 5 books with wierd page order and an original nick hair ball drawing on them uh oh! .... BUY ONE AND YOU MIGHT GET ONE OF THESE CREEPS!


2 comentarios:

  1. Haha, I like the little faces you drew on the bill of his cap...AWESOME. Also, I love the drawings you posted on LJ...your watercolors are always so nice and loose and natural looking; you make it look too easy. The paper they're on looks amazing too.

  2. thank you penelope! he does wear hats like that tho! but with trashy fangs instead of cute bears haha : (

    sometimes im way too loose and get lazy. i need to whip my own back!!! zap zap zap